Kennedy Space Center Flight Operations

Kennedy Space Center Flight Operations supports a variety of missions assigned to the center. As NASA's primary launch center for human spaceflight and the agency's hub for government and commercial spaceflight integration, KSC serves a critical role in enabling mission success many of the agency's undertakings. Comprised of rotary-wing aircraft and a variety of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), KSC Flight Ops strives for excellence in meeting various needs in support of Center and Agency missions. Flight support ranges from:

Launch Security and Contingency Support

Bio-environmental Research Support

  Aerial Fire Suppression

  Photographic/Video Footage and Data Collection

  Center Security and Emergency Response Support


Route requests for support by KSC Flight Ops through the KSC Chief of Flight Operations via email or at (321) 861-3401. 

To operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at Kennedy Space Center, or at any other location in support of Kennedy Space Center operations, you must first contact the KSC Chief of Flight Operations via email or at (321) 861-3401.

See the NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Unmanned Aircraft Systems web site for more information.

Got an Aviation Safety-related issue or a recommended improvement?
Contact the KSC Aviation Safety Officer at (321) 861-7545 or (321) 607-4654.


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Contact: Andre Karpowich, KSC Aviation Safety Officer (ASO)
(321) 861-7545 or (321) 607-4654